Hulu to offer US admission to ‘Crazy Fun Park’ for Halloween

September 15 2023

Werner Films Productions’ comedy-horror series Crazy Fun Park is set to open in yet another new location after being acquired by Hulu.

The Logie-winning young adult title will air in the US on October 1 as part of the US streamer’s ‘Huluween’ programming.

Created by Nicholas Verso, the story follows Chester (Henry Strand), an introverted teen who makes the incredible discovery that his recently deceased best friend, Mapplethorpe (Stacy Clausen), is one of a group of ghoulish teens who haunt the abandoned fun park on the edge of town.

Without rules, adults, or the real world to get in the way, Chester truly believes that Crazy Fun Park is a place where the fun never stops. But the dead have much to teach the living and Chester soon learns that maintaining his friendship with Mapplethorpe might have dangerous consequences.

Verso directed the series with Sarah Hickey, and penned the episodes with Magda Wozniak, Craig Irvin, Enoch Mailangi, and Fury.

Joanna Werner produces for Werner Films Productions and executive produces with the ABC’s Libbie Doherty, as well as Stuart Menzies and Bernadette O’Mahony.

Having premiered to Australian audiences on the ABC in January this year, the series will debut in a number of different territories over the coming months following deals with broadcasters in Spain, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovenia, Taiwan, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Hulu is one of the most popular subscription streaming services in the USA, with more than 48 million subscribers.

ACTF CEO Jenny Buckland expected US audiences to “enjoy every minute” of Crazy Fun Park.

“Crazy Fun Park is a clever, funny, and unique series, full of horror and humour interwoven with a moving narrative about friendship and grief and pop culture references that appeal to a wide demographic,” she said.