SPA Awards winners: Massive week for Werner Film, multiple awards after sale to BBC Studios

March 21 2024

BBC Studios Productions Australia Acquires Werner Film Productions

March 18 2024

ABC drama series The Newsreader wins five AACTA Awards

February 11 2024

Filming underway on The Newsreader S3

January 12 2024

The New Boy and The Newsreader lead AACTA 2024 award nominations

December 10 2023

Surviving Summer makes wave in Netflix territories

September 20 2023

Netflix made a show for teens. Surfing dads can’t get enough of it

September 16 2023

Hulu to offer US admission to ‘Crazy Fun Park’ for Halloween

September 15 2023

From surviving to thriving: Joanna Werner and co step it up for season two of ‘Surviving Summer’

September 14 2023

Surf, camera, action on local drama Surviving Summer

September 13 2023

The Newsreader Season 2 on ABC review: still a winner

September 11 2023

The Newsreader season two review – raises the stakes and ups the ante

September 10 2023

Which real TV journalists inspired The Newsreader?

September 9 2023

Anna Torv returns in The Newsreader – and there’s a surprise twist

September 8 2023

From surfing champ to Netflix star: Lilliana Bowrey is riding her way to success

August 5 2023

The ‘gateway horror’ ABC kids show that toppled Bluey at the Logies

August 4 2023

BBC acquires Aussie horror-comedy Crazy Fun Park

July 13 2023

Crazy Fun Park - First Look at Trailer

November 29 2022

The Newsreader - Season 2 Trailer

November 29 2022

Renewed: Surviving Summer

November 18 2022

Filming underway on The Newsreader S2

July 11 2022

Logies for Hamish Blake, Tony Armstrong, ‘The Newsreader’, ‘Fires’, ‘Home & Away’

June 27 2022

Could this Aussie surf drama be the next teen hit for Netflix?

June 8 2022

The Newsreader: A superb Aussie drama set on the Frontline of '80s TV journalism

March 24 2022

First look from the set of ABC ME horror comedy CRAZY FUN PARK

February 23 2022

eOne announces international sales for ‘The Newsreader’

February 17 2022

Hannah Ngo joins Werner Film Productions

January 17 2022

‘Nitram’, ‘The Newsreader’ win big at AACTAs as David Gulpilil honoured

December 9 2021

Nitram and The Newsreader dominate the AACTA Awards, as actor David Gulpilil Ridjimiraril Dalaithngu honoured

December 8 2021

Further AACTA nominations for ‘The Newsreader’, ‘Nitram’

November 5 2021

‘Crazy Fun Park’ whirs to life for ABC ME

November 3 2021

‘High Ground’, ‘The Newsreader’ lead early AACTA Award nominations

October 31 2021

Surf’s up: Netflix and ZDFE co-order Werner Film Productions’ ‘Surviving Summer’

January 17 2021

The Newsreader goes into production

November 30 2020

Joanna Werner, Michael Lucas find drama in a TV newsroom

October 30 2020

Casting call for new drama series

September 9 2020

Good news for The Newsreader

April 20 2020

Gender matters

February 7 2020

No road blocks on the Jellicoe Road

December 3 2019

Follow the Leyland Brothers

November 11 2019

Joanna Werner joins Clickbait team

September 5 2019

Festival season a Riot

June 4 2019

Riot recognised locally and internationally

March 18 2019

Big win for Riot at the AACTA Awards

December 5 2018

Riot leads the way with AACTA nominations

October 30 2018

Riot around the world

October 26 2018

Riot makes its Californian premiere

June 18 2018

March of change

February 24 2018

Life is a Riot for prolific producer Joanna Werner

February 23 2018

A comeback for Dance Academy

April 6 2017

A win for Joanna Werner

November 27 2012