The Newsreader - Season 2 Trailer

November 29 2022

The second season of ABC’s The Newsreader will travel from election night 1987, through the shocks of the Hoddle Street shootings and the Stock Market Crash, the complexity of the heroin crisis, towards the protest and pageantry of the 1988 Bicentenary. As a nation grapples with its identity, its past and future, Helen (Anna Torv) and Dale (Sam Reid) reach a crossroads, and must settle on who they want to be, to each other, and to the world.

In addition to Torv and Reid, series regulars William McInnes, Robert Taylor, Michelle Lim Davidson, Stephen Peacocke, Chai Hansen, Chum Ehelepola, and Marg Downey return, joined by Daniel Gillies and Philippa Northeast.

Produced by Werner Film Productions, The Newsreader season two is directed by Emma Freeman, with creator Michael Lucas joined in the writing room by Kim Ho, Niki Aken, Adrian Russell Wills, and story editor Debra Oswald.

Joanna Werner produced with Lucas and also executive produces with Freeman and Stuart Menzies, as well as the ABC’s Brett Sleigh and Sally Riley.

Worldwide distribution is managed by Entertainment One (eOne).

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