Crazy Fun Park

Created by writer/ director Nicholas Verso (Boys In The Trees) and produced by Joanna Werner (The Newsreader) the series tells the story of Chester, an introverted teen who makes the incredible discovery that his recently deceased best friend, Mapplethorpe, is one of a group of ghoulish teens who haunt the abandoned fun park on the edge of town. Without rules, adults or the real world to get in the way, Chester truly believes that Crazy Fun Park is a place where the fun never stops. But the dead have much to teach the living and Chester soon learns that maintaining his friendship with Mapplethorpe might have dangerous consequences…

Project Type
  • Television Series
  • Released 2023
  • Nicholas Verso
  • Sarah Hickey
  • Nicholas Verso
  • Nicholas Verso
  • Magda Wozniak
  • Craig Irvin
  • Enoch Mailangi
  • Fury
Executive Producers
  • Joanna Werner
  • Stuart Menzies
  • Joanna Werner
  • Henry Strand
  • Stacy Clausen
  • Hannah Ogawa
  • Justin Holborow
  • Pedrea Jackson
  • Judith Lucy
  • Kym Gyngell
  • Bernard Curry
  • Alexandra Schepisi
  • Kuni Hashimoto
  • Alicia Banit
  • Simon Burke
  • Sally-Anne Upton
  • Anne Charleston
  • Tween Horror Comedy