Dance Academy Season 1

Dance Academy (2010) is a 26-episode series for teens. It follows fifteen-year-old Tara Webster – a country girl whose dreams come true when she’s accepted into the National Academy of Dance in Sydney. But she soon discovers there’s more to the Academy than dancing – and surviving there is going to be tougher than she could’ve imagined.

Project Type
  • Television
  • Jeffrey Walker
  • Cherie Nowlan
  • Ian Gilmour
  • Catriona McKenzie
  • Ben Chessell
  • Samantha Strauss
  • Joanna Werner
Original Story
  • Samantha Strauss
  • Joanna Werner
  • Xenia Goodwin
  • Alicia Banit
  • Dena Kaplan
  • Jordan Rodrigues
  • Tara Morice
  • Thom Green
  • Tim Pocock
  • Drama