Dance Academy Season 3

Dance Academy returned for its third season in 2013. Tara and her friends are now seniors at the Academy and no one can forget for a second that the Company is watching. It will be a nail-biting chase to the finish line to see who will be offered a contract and finally achieve what they have been working towards for so long – and who will have to find a new dream.

Project Type
  • Television
  • Ian Gilmour
  • Daniel Nettheim
  • Ian Watson
  • Samantha Strauss
  • Joanna Werner
Original Story
  • Samantha Strauss
  • Joanna Werner
  • Xenia Goodwin
  • Alicia Banit
  • Dena Kaplan
  • Jordan Rodrigues
  • Tara Morice
  • Thomas Lacey
  • Isabel Durant
  • Drama