Surviving Summer 2

A year ago, Summer Torres made the best friends she’d ever had and romance blossomed with Ari Gibson. Inspired by that magical time in Shorehaven, Summer’s been surfing constantly in the unforgiving breaks around Rockaway Beach, New York. A new dream has been forming - return to Shorehaven and become a career surfer, like her Aussie mates. Finally, Margot says yes to a trip down under, but this time she’s coming to keep an eye on her unpredictable daughter.

Poppy, Bodhi and Marlon are delighted to have Summer back, although Ari’s feelings are more complicated. But no one can believe it when Summer announces she wants to make the State Team and compete at Nationals, just like them. Their jaws drop all over again when Summer crashes a final in the middle of the tryouts and rips. She’s not just good, she’s a contender. Problem is, when Summer miraculously makes the team, she also makes a mortal enemy of the team captain - Ari’s new girlfriend, Wren.

Ambitious surfer Wren recently moved to Victoria along with her tough older sister Elo and black sheep brother, Baxter. The three siblings are all crazy-good surfers but six months ago, they left Queensland under a cloud - rumour is Baxter burnt down a Boardriders Clubhouse. To Manu and Poppy’s disappointment, Elo is named the new coach of the Victorian state team.

Former bad-girl Summer has to play by the rules if she has any chance of impressing Elo and convincing Margot she’s serious about competing at Nationals. But she’s having serious trouble outrunning her old reputation. At the same time, two-faced Wren is determined to show everyone Summer is a liability to the team. Summer’s drawn to bad boy Baxter and he becomes a real rival for her affections but there’s a dark side to his personality. Something is not quite right with this family.

Poppy and Marlon are dealing with their own issues - Poppy’s increasingly burnt out from the pressures of competition and family expectation and Marlon misses out on team selection, forced to swallow his pride as the substitute. But a burgeoning romance between the two will provide some much-needed perspective. Bodhi’s training harder than ever, struggling to be taken seriously by her sponsor and inadvertently being sucked into Wren’s manipulative orbit.

This ragtag bunch will have to band together as they train for Nationals, an epic showdown where the best young surfers from around the country battle it out. If Summer’s going to prove she deserves a place among them, she’ll have to overcome Wren and uncover the mystery behind this troubled family. But in the process, she’ll risk destroying the very friendships she came back for… and her connection with Ari. It’s not easy turning a dream into reality.

Project Type
  • Television Series
  • Released 2023
  • Sian Davies
  • Christiaan Van Vuuren
  • Joanna Werner
  • Josh Mapleston
  • Josh Mapleston
  • Keir Wilkins
  • Huna Amweero
  • Alix Beane
  • Libby Butler
Executive Producers
  • Joanna Werner
  • Stuart Menzies
  • Josh Mapleston
  • Joanna Werner
  • Sky KAtz
  • Kai Lewins
  • Lilliana Bowrey
  • Joao Marinho
  • Savannah La Rain
  • Annabel Wolfe
  • Josh Macqueen
  • Olympia Valance
  • Kate Beahan
  • Dustin Clare
  • Adienne Pickering