The Newsreader 2

A year on Dale and Helen are firmly established as the ‘Golden Couple of News’, Dale although still honing his craft has proved himself a steady and reliable co-anchor to Helen. This impresses the new young CEO, Charlie Tate, who has a very clear vision of the style of news he would like to see at ‘News at Six’.

Conversely, Helen’s mission to pursue and champion hard-hitting, uncompromising interviews has as her at loggerheads with the new CEO and she isn’t afraid to tell him what she thinks of his plans for ‘News at Six.’

As a couple, Helen and Dale’s love and respect for each other has only grown, built upon a foundation of complete openness and honesty… And this arrangement has worked well for the past year... but it’s never been truly tested.

When nightly talk-show host Gerry Carroll reveals his situation to Dale, a vision of what the future with Helen could look like is presented to them, but is that an arrangement they could ultimately commit too?

For Geoff and Evelyn Walters, 1987 could be their best year yet, Geoff has been scooped up by a rival network and one of his first assignments is going head-head with ‘News at Six’s 1988 Election coverage. When Geoff gets a nightly half hour ‘current affairs’ show, he uses it to go after his old colleagues, a move that could prove disastrous when his own private life becomes a potential explosive news story.

1987 also marks the moment Rob and Noelene ‘go public’ as a couple... A source of significant apprehension for Noelene. But over time... a more fundamental problem emerges. Noelene’s commitment to her blossoming producing career is clearly at odds with Rob’s simpler vision of life. But can she declare that? Much less act on it?

The Newsreader season two travels from election night 1987, through the shocks of the Hoddle Street shootings and the Stock Market Crash, the complexity of the heroin crisis, towards the protest and pageantry of the 1988 Bicentenary. As a nation grapples with its identity, its past and future, Helen and Dale reach a crossroads, and must settle on who they want to be, to each other, and to the world...

Project Type
  • Television Series
  • Released 2023
  • Emma Freeman
  • Michael Lucas
  • Michael Lucas
  • Kim Ho
  • Adrian Russell Wills
  • Niki Aken
Executive Producers
  • Joanna Werner
  • Stuart Menzies
  • Emma Freeman
  • Joanna Werner
  • Michael Lucas
  • Anna Torv
  • Sam Reid
  • Robert Taylor
  • William McInnes
  • Chum Ehelepola
  • Michelle Lim Davidson
  • Stephen Peacocke
  • Marg Downey
  • Chai Hansen
  • Philippa Northeast
  • Maria Angelico
  • Caroline Lee
  • Rory Fleck Byrne
  • Daniel Gillies
  • Hunter Page-Lochard
  • Dan Spielman
  • Jane Harber
  • Drama